{ This Is Us . What is This? }

This Is Us is a media community. But you may be wondering: What exactly does that mean – How does it work and how can you get the most out of it? Let us tell ya…

watch this is us videos

1: Start out by watching a video on a topic that ministers to you. Currently our featured topics are on the homepage, so click a green circle to start watching. When you get onto the topic you’ll see { This Is Me } which lets you into the lives of these women to see their struggles, { This Is Real } which is a group of women being real and discussing real life struggles together, and lastly { This Is Me . Over It } – This is their victory over lifes issues!

join the discussion

2: Did the video you just watched minister to you and you either want to join the discuss, or encourage the lady who just spoke? Leave a note or chat in the journal below each video. This is a community to release your thoughts and discuss.

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3: If you feel that your friends and family would benefit from something that you watched here on Th(is)Us make sure to “Share” the page you’re on. You can do this on any page/anytime from our site in the bottom left!