{ This Is Us . How Healing Begins }

Women who were once little girls have often grown up believing that many things must be swept under the rug, to never be shared. For many reasons we have believed this excuse that has kept many in secret pain and silence. Many reasons have been given for the silence: “I won’t be loved or accepted if they knew the truth”. “I’ll be rejected”, and “considered weak”…

The belief of these lies as well as denial has kept many women locked up in shame, guilt and pain for most of their lives, causing issues in relationships and within their own ways of thinking.

God may even draw you towards other hurting women who are also searching for the same healing power. By sharing your testimony, you can not only help them overcome their pain but also help them realize they are not alone.
The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them, He delivers them from all their trouble. Psalms 34:17