Grief during the Holidays

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Here it is…The holidays, which has me missing and thinking about my dad even more…My dad passed away the day before Thanksgiving two years ago, the day set aside to reflect on all we are thankful for. The time when we are suppose to sit around with family being thankful, making memories, smiling and laughing with one another, not a day of tears and loss. The emptiness was so difficult, the silence (we take for granted some ones voice, hold onto it while you have it to listen to) our joy we felt had been stolen from us, and that happiness would never find its way into our hearts again.

In that time I became very sad, depressed I pulled away from my family and was angry with God. Why hadn’t He let us keep our dad? Did He not hear our cries? This went on for months I wanted to move my family away even, if I couldn’t have a complete family then why stay around my husband’s it felt unfair I was lost, and grieving…

BUT GOD found me in my darkest loneliest hours, He did hear my cries and my husband’s cries on my behalf, even in those times I thought no one was with me He showed me He was. I won’t say I instantly felt better and that holidays still aren’t hard, but God has worked on me, remolded my heart, and restored my happiness and joy. He gave me peace when no one else could. When I miss hearing my dad’s voice I can hear my heavenly Fathers voice, the one of comfort, healing and restoration.

See, I wanted to ask all the questions of why and I heard God say why not? God will take care of my dad far better than I could! When I thought He didn’t hear my cries of healing my dad He showed me He answered it because when he took his last breath here he was instantly whole and with Jesus! So this Christmas season while we are rejoicing the birth of our Savior remember our loved ones are in the very presence of the KING.

I would like to share a couple songs that helped me when I was missing my dad. The songs are by Kari Jobe, “I’m In Love With You” and “Here”, I have found peace in listening to these and I pray you do as well.

This is Me, This is Real,
Tara Tate

Klaus & Kari Jobe: “I’m in love With You”

Kari Jobe: “Here”

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