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The story we are honored to share with you this week is a unique one. It’s a story about birth, death, and then life. It’s a miracle that we got to talk to the teller of this story but we know you will be as inspired by her as we were. As a bonus in this video we have the storyteller’s husband providing the music behind the testimony.

This week we hear from the husband of the young woman that share her story last week. To hear his perspective coming through fighting breast cancer by her side only adds to last weeks video. We hope you are as blessed as we were from his testimony.

During the month of October, This Is Us continues to hear the stories of those affected by breast cancer. This week we hear from a woman who has fought since this time last year and has won. Next week we are honored to have the perspective from her husband join into the discussion. Stay tuned to This Is Us, stay hopeful, and stay fighting breast cancer!

Here is a ladies story of dealing with something she never thought would happen to her. We can all learn from her testimony. Be blessed today!

Last week we had a lady share her story on her journey of struggling with infertility. This week we look back on that video and speak briefly on this issue. We hope that you are encouraged today, and may God bless you.