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This week we have the pleasure of sharing a talk we had with a local law enforcement officer. We were blessed by the amount of perspective that her story gave us concerning the work that is policing. We also want to use this as an opportunity to honor and thank Officer Daniel Ellis for his service to our community and to ask that you would continue to pray and support his family. We hope this video blesses you like it has us.

This week we are excited to announce that This Is Us is going to Mexico! We are traveling to Chiapas to be a part of a women’s conference there. Because of this interest shown by our Spanish speaking sisters we are working to add Spanish subtitles to our archive. We are thrilled to be taking these steps and we need your prayers as we go forward. Dios te bendiga!

This week we hear from the husband of the young woman that share her story last week. To hear his perspective coming through fighting breast cancer by her side only adds to last weeks video. We hope you are as blessed as we were from his testimony.

During the month of October, This Is Us continues to hear the stories of those affected by breast cancer. This week we hear from a woman who has fought since this time last year and has won. Next week we are honored to have the perspective from her husband join into the discussion. Stay tuned to This Is Us, stay hopeful, and stay fighting breast cancer!

This month This Is Us along with so many others will be focused on Breast Cancer Awareness. So many of us have been affected by this disease. So this month we will have stories from Breast Cancers survivors and their families.