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This week we have the opportunity to share one woman’s story of her journey and how it was affected by hearing another woman’s story. We are honored to be just a small piece in both of these strong women’s lives and we hope you are inspired and encouraged by them today.

This week we are honored to share one woman’s journey through dealing with abuse and addiction. Her battle has had it’s ups and downs but she has experienced God’s redeeming power in ways that she never could’ve imagined. We hope you are encouraged by her story today and as always God Bless!

Today we get to share the story of a women’s journey through extraordinary grief. We are always surprised by the strength of the women we get to talk with and this is no exception. God is the restorer. We hope you are blessed and encouraged today!

This week we take a look back at last season as we prepare to build on these stories moving forward. We can’t wait to see what God has in store. We hope you are encouraged and blessed today!

We are so excited to be sharing videos with you again now in 2016! This week we get just a sneak peak of some of the things we are working towards for this season. We hope to put out our best work yet this year. This doesn’t change the stories we will share. What we hope is that we will share your stories even more effectively than we have in the past. We are excited for these changes and we’re blessed to have you along for the ride! As always we pray you are blessed and encouraged today!