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Sometimes life hands us situations where the only question to ask is, Why? This is the first half of the remarkable story of one women who was left asking this question. The second half of her story will be released next week. Be blessed today!

Here at This Is Us want to take some time here as we prepare for celebrating our country to hear the stories of some women who have served and sacrificed to make our celebration possible. It’s easy for some of us to forget the human side of the military and those that put their lives on the line. Happy Fourth of July and God bless America!

What is an Anomaly? Are you an anomaly? This young lady’s story has been an inspiration to us and we hope it is to you as well!

Last week we had a lady share her story on her journey of struggling with infertility. This week we look back on that video and speak briefly on this issue. We hope that you are encouraged today, and may God bless you.