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Is our culture changing when it comes to treatment of heroin users?

Is that a good thing?

In our continued look at the heroin crisis in Kentucky, we ask this question in hopes of getting a better understanding of where we’re headed in our society. We hope this series has been informative and encouraging with regards to the current state of heroin use in our communities.

We want to share more of our discussion on heroin with you.

This section of our talk dealt with changing opinions both culturally and with regards to law enforcement in dealing with users. We wanted to look back and see how heroin use has been dealt with in the past and see if that gave us any perspective in our fight against it today. We hope as always you are blessed and encouraged by this video today!

We’re excited to share with you part of our discussion on the heroin epidemic. We brought in two ladies who are not strangers to This Is Us to speak on the relationship between law enforcement and those affected by heroin use.
We will be continuing to share from this discussion moving forward but here this week is our first piece of this conversation.
We hope you find this informative and encouraging as we as a community come together to work towards a solution for this deadly epidemic.