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This Is Us is Real Women, Real Life! We take a team approach to address issues women are too often left alone to deal with. We are here to say…You are not alone!

This Is Us is a media community designed to incorporate video, group discussions, social media and most importantly YOUR INPUT! So, watch a video (or 10), discuss in the comments below and share to your friends!

Our mission is to raise up a collective voice out of the silence. The stories you hear are real. The emotions, are unfiltered. And the result that you see / hear is God’s healing in action in the lives of these women.

Through the click of our sites link: Anytime, anywhere, women everywhere can come together to share their experiences. Together as women, we can be unified and cultivate understanding of all women from all backgrounds.

Join us in experiencing God’s grace unifying the voice of women to proudly say…

{ This Is For You? }

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1: Start out by watching a video on a topic that ministers to you.

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2: If the video you just watched ministered to you and you either want to join the discuss, or encourage the lady who just spoke – Leave a note or chat in the comments below each video. This is a community built to discuss and encourage one another.

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3: If someone you know would benefit from something that you have watched here make sure to “Share” the page you’re on. You can do this on any page/anytime from our site in the bottom left!

{ This Is Progress }

This Is Us is still growing and in production, so make sure to check back frequently for new and exciting videos! We’ve got some incredible things in the works and don’t want you to miss a second of it.